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@@ -1912,6 +1912,8 @@ Inspecting orders
+.. _private-order-data-cleanup:
Private order data cleanup
@@ -2763,9 +2765,6 @@ This section describes the overall structure of
the contract terms that are the foundation for
Taler payments.
-FIXME: the "forgettable" attribute is not
-properly specified here!
.. _contract-terms:
The contract terms must have the following structure:
@@ -2891,10 +2890,6 @@ The contract terms must have the following structure:
// Useful when the merchant needs to store extra information on a
// contract without storing it separately in their database.
extra?: any;
- // List of forgettable fields. Each element in the list is
- // a jq(1)-style path.
- _forgettable: String[];
The wallet must select a exchange that either the merchant accepts directly by
@@ -3019,3 +3014,9 @@ It has the following structure:
// Master public key of the exchange.
master_pub: EddsaPublicKey;
+In addition to the fields described above,
+each object (from ``ContractTerms`` down)
+can mark certain fields as "forgettable" by listing the names of those fields
+in a special peer field ``_forgettable``.
+(See :ref:`Private order data cleanup <private-order-data-cleanup>`.)