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@@ -661,10 +661,7 @@ denomination.
// exchange's unblinded RSA signature of the coin
ub_sig: RsaSignature;
- // timestamp when the contract was finalized, must match approximately the
- // current time of the exchange; if the timestamp is too far off, the
- // exchange returns "400 Bad Request" with an error code of
+ // timestamp when the contract was finalized.
timestamp: Timestamp;
// indicative time by which the exchange undertakes to transfer the funds to
@@ -701,6 +698,9 @@ denomination.
// URL, or if the base URL has changed since the deposit.
transaction_base_url?: string;
+ // timestamp when the deposit was received by the exchange.
+ exchange_timestamp: Timestamp;
// the EdDSA signature of `TALER_DepositConfirmationPS` using a current
// `signing key of the exchange <sign-key-priv>` affirming the successful
// deposit and that the exchange will transfer the funds after the refund