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- wallet
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-Mints and merchants have a base URL for their service. This URL *must* be in a
-canonical form when it is stored (e.g. in the wallet's database) or transmitted
-(e.g. to a bank page).
-1. The URL must be absolute. This implies that the URL has a schema.
-2. The path component of the URL must end with a slash.
-3. The URL must not contain a fragment or query.
-When a user enters a URL that is, technically, relative (such as ""), wallets
-*may* transform it into a canonical base URL (""). Other components *should not* accept
-URLs that are not canonical.
-Rationale: Joining non-canonical URLs with relative URLs (e.g. "" with "reserve/status")
-results in different and slightly unexpected behavior in some URL handling libraries.
-Canonical URLs give more predictable results with standard URL joining.
Error Handling