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@@ -603,6 +603,10 @@ public key using the Crockford base32-encoding.
// UUID of the escrow method (see /truth/ API below).
uuid: string;
+ // Key used to encrypt the `Truth` this `EscrowMethod` is related to.
+ // Client has to provide this key to the server when using /truth/
+ truth_encryption_key: [32]; //bytearray
// Salt used to encrypt the truth on the Anastasis server.
truth_salt: [32]; //bytearray
@@ -657,11 +661,11 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
.. http:post:: /truth/$UUID
- Upload a Truth-Object according to the policy the client created before (see RecoveryDocument_).
+ Upload an EncryptedTruth_-Object according to the policy the client created before (see RecoveryDocument_).
If request has been seen before, the server should do nothing, and otherwise store the new object.
- The body must begin with the EncryptedKeyShare_ as binary block (see below). In addition,
- the name of the chosen key share method, the Base32-encoded ground truth and the MIME type of
- Truth must be included in the body.
+ While the document's structure is described in JSON below, the upload
+ should just be the bytestream of the raw data (i.e. 32 bytes nonce followed
+ by 16 bytes tag followed by the encrypted truth).
The Anastasis server cannot fully validate the format, but MAY impose
minimum and maximum size limits.
@@ -686,6 +690,24 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
+ .. _EncryptedTruth:
+ .. ts:def:: EncryptedTruth
+ interface EncryptedTruth {
+ // Nonce used to compute the (iv,key) pair for encryption of the
+ // encrypted_compressed_truth.
+ nonce: [32]; //bytearray
+ // Authentication tag
+ aes_gcm_tag: [16]; //bytearray
+ // Variable-size truth. After decryption,
+ // this contains a gzip compressed JSON-encoded `Truth`.
+ // The nonce of the HKDF for this encryption must include the
+ // string "ECT".
+ encrypted_compressed_truth: []; //bytearray of undefined length
+ }
.. _Truth:
.. ts:def:: Truth
@@ -699,7 +721,7 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
// ground truth, i.e. H(challenge answer),
// phone number, e-mail address, picture, fingerprint, ...
- // base32 encoded
+ // **base32 encoded**
// The truth MUST NOT be revealed to the user, even
// after successful authentication (of course the user
@@ -717,6 +739,7 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
if $RESPONSE matches the expected response according to the challenge sent to the client before.
If $RESPONSE is not specified, the server will response with a challenge according to the key share
method (e.g. ask the security question or send a SMS with a code) and await the answer within $RESPONSE.
+ Also, the user has to provide the correct *truth_encryption_key* with every get request (see below).
When $RESPONSE is correct, the server responses with the encrypted key share.
The encrypted key share is returned simply as a byte array and not in JSON format.
@@ -744,6 +767,9 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
:status 503 Service Unavailable:
Server is out of Service.
+ *Truth-Decryption-Key*: Key used to encrypt the Truth_ and which has to provided by the user. The key is stored with
+ the according EscrowMethod_. The server needs this key to get the info out of Truth_ needed to prepare an ExcrowChallenge_.
.. _EncryptedKeyShare: