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There is also the possibility to trigger builds manually, but this is
only reserved to "admin" users.
+Android Apps
Android App Nightly Builds
There are currently three Android apps:
@@ -632,6 +635,73 @@ by clicking the following link (on the phone that has F-Droid installed).
and thus are meant **only for testing purposes**.
Use at your own risk!
+.. _Build-apps-from-source:
+Building apps from source
+Note that this guide is different from other guides for building Android apps,
+because it does not require you to run non-free software.
+It uses the Merchant PoS Terminal as an example, but works as well for the other apps.
+First, ensure that you have the required dependencies installed:
+* Java Development Kit 8 or higher (default-jdk-headless)
+* git
+* unzip
+Then you can get the app's source code using git:
+.. code-block:: shell
+ # Start by cloning the git repository
+ git clone
+ # Change into the directory of the cloned app
+ cd merchant-terminal-android
+ # Find out which Android SDK version you will need
+ grep -i compileSdkVersion app/build.gradle
+The last command will return something like ``compileSdkVersion 29``.
+So visit the `Android Rebuilds <>`_ project
+and look for that version of the Android SDK there.
+If the SDK version is not yet available as a free rebuild,
+you can try to lower the ``compileSdkVersion`` in the app's ``app/build.gradle`` file.
+Note that this might break things
+or require you to also lower other versions such as ``targetSdkVersion``.
+In our example, the version is ``29`` which is available,
+so download the "SDK Platform" package of "Android 10.0.0 (API 29)"
+and unpack it:
+.. code-block:: shell
+ # Change into the directory that contains your downloaded SDK
+ cd $HOME
+ # Unpack/extract the Android SDK
+ unzip
+ # Tell the build system where to find the SDK
+ export ANDROID_SDK_ROOT="$HOME/android-sdk_eng.10.0.0_r14_linux-x86"
+ # Change into the directory of the cloned app
+ cd merchant-terminal-android
+ # Build the app
+ ./gradlew assembleRelease
+If you get an error message complaining about build-tools
+ > Failed to install the following Android SDK packages as some licences have not been accepted.
+ build-tools;29.0.3 Android SDK Build-Tools 29.0.3
+you can try changing the ``buildToolsVersion`` in the app's ``app/build.gradle`` file
+to the latest "Android SDK build tools" version supported by the Android Rebuilds project.
+After the build finished successfully, you find your APK in ``app/build/outputs/apk/release/``.
.. _Code-coverage:
Code Coverage
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@@ -92,6 +92,10 @@ Import in and build with Android Studio or run on the command line:
$ cd merchant-terminal-android
$ ./gradlew assembleRelease
+If you do not have the proprietary Android SDK installed,
+see the :doc:`developers-manual`
+for :ref:`build instructions using free SDK rebuilds <Build-apps-from-source>`.
APIs and Data Formats