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@@ -496,6 +496,9 @@ public key using the Crockford base32-encoding.
.. http:post:: /policy/$ACCOUNT_PUB
Upload a new version of the customer's encrypted recovery document.
+ While the document's structure is described in JSON below, the upload
+ should just be the bytestream of the raw data (i.e. 32 bytes nonce followed
+ by 16 bytes tag followed by the encrypted document).
If request has been seen before, the server should do nothing, and otherwise store the new version.
The body must begin with a nonce, an AES-GCM tag and continue with the ciphertext. The format
is the same as specified for the response of the GET method. The
@@ -679,24 +682,10 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
.. code-block:: tsref
interface Truth {
- // Nonce used to generate the (iv,key) from kdf_id to AES-GCM encrypt the truth.
- nonce: byte[32];
- // Authentication tag over the encrypted_key_share
- key_share_aes_gcm_tag: byte[32];
- // The encrypted key material to reveal, in base32 encoding.
- // Contains a KeyShare_.
- //
- // The nonce of the HKDF for the encryption of this
- // value must include the string "EKS" plus a positive
- // number which represents the key
- // share method. Depending on the method,
- // the HKDF may additionally include
- // bits from the response (i.e. some hash over the
- // answer to the security question)
- encrypted_key_share: byte[];
+ // Contains the information of an `interface EncryptedKeyShare`_, but simply
+ // as one binary block (in Crockford Base32 encoding for JSON).
+ key_share_data: byte[];
// Key share method, i.e. "security question", "SMS", "e-mail", ...
method: String;
@@ -714,7 +703,6 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
.. http:get:: /truth/$UUID[?response=$RESPONSE]
Get the stored encrypted key share. If $RESPONSE is specified by the client, the server checks
@@ -722,6 +710,7 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
If $RESPONSE is not specified, the server will response with a challenge according to the key share
method (e.g. ask the security question or send a SMS with a code) and await the answer within $RESPONSE.
When $RESPONSE is correct, the server responses with the encrypted key share.
+ The encrypted key share is returned simply as a byte array and not in JSON format.
:status 200 OK:
EncryptedKeyShare_ is returned in body (in binary).