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This repository contains the documentation for all main GNU Taler components.
-Before building the documentation, make sure that you have the required
-dependencies installed using pip3:
+To build things on a Debian (-based) system, install these packages:
+ - make
+ - python3-sphinx
+ - python3-recommonmark
+ - graphviz
+ - texlive-latex-extra
+ - dvipng
-$ pip3 install --user --upgrade recommonmark sphinx
+Then, do "make html" for HTML, "make texinfo" for Texinfo, etc.
+(Do "make" w/o a target to see a list of possible targets.)
-Note by Buck: when setting up on VM, I also needed:
+The output is in subdir ‘_build’.
-# apt install texlive-latex-extra graphviz
+TODO: Add instructions on how to build/export/integrate ‘prebuilt’ docs.