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+Wire Transfer Formats
+A wire transfer is essential for the mint to transfer funds into a merchant's
+account upon a successful deposit (see :ref:`deposit request <deposit>`). The
+merchant has to include the necessary information for the mint to initiate the
+wire transfer.
+The information required for wire transfer depends on the type of wire transfer
+used. Since the wire transfers differ for each region, we document here the
+ones currently supported by the mint.
+The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) [#sepa]_ is a regulation for electronic
+payments. Since its adoption in 2012, all of the banks in the Eurozone and some
+banks in other countries adhere to this standard for sending and receiving
+payments. Note that the currency of the transfer will always be *EURO*. In
+case the receiving account is in a currency other than EURO, the receiving bank
+may covert the amount into that currency; currency exchange charges may be
+levied by the receiving bank.
+For the merchant to receive deposits through SEPA, the deposit request should
+contain a JSON object with the following fields:
+ .. The following are taken from Page 33, SEPA_SCT.pdf .
+ * `type`: the string constant `"SEPA"`
+ * `IBAN`: the IBAN of the account of the beneficiary
+ * `name`: the name of the beneficiary
+ * `BIC`: the BIC code of the beneficiary's bank
+ * `edate`: the date given as a timestamp indicating when the transfer should
+ be executed
+ * `r`: a 64-bit random nounce
+The JSON object may optionally contain:
+ * `address`: the address of the Beneficiary
+.. [#sepa] SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area: