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Use :http:METHOD:ENDPOINT syntax in intro blurb
This is a followup change to 2021-12-22, "Convert ":http:host:ENDPOINT" syntax into simple "POST ENDPOINT" text". The idea is that, even though we want to avoid "broken" references, we *do* want to have some linkable reference towards the beginning of the text, as a convenience to the reader. The reader then understands (hopefully) that the ENDPOINTs mentioned later are actually included in the linked references in the intro.
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@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ Background: Payment Processing with GNU Taler
The following steps show a simple payment process with GNU Taler. Examples are
written in `Bash <>`_ syntax,
using `curl <>`_ to make HTTP(S) requests.
+They make use of the :http:post:`[/instances/$INSTANCE]/private/orders`
+and :http:get:`[/instances/$INSTANCE]/private/orders` endpoints.
1. The merchant creates an *order*, which contains the details of the payment
and the product/service that the customer will receive.