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@@ -326,13 +326,11 @@ Before you install GNUnet, you must download and install the dependencies
mentioned in the previous section, otherwise the build may succeed, but could
fail to export some of the tooling required by GNU Taler.
-To download and install GNUnet, proceed as follows:
+To download and install GNUnet, unpack the tarball and change
+into the resulting directory, then proceed as follows:
- $ git clone
- $ cd gnunet/
- $ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure [--prefix=GNUNETPFX]
$ # Each dependency can be fetched from non standard locations via
$ # the '--with-<LIBNAME>' option. See './configure --help'.
@@ -354,14 +352,11 @@ Installing the GNU Taler exchange
.. index:: exchange
-After installing GNUnet, you can download and install the exchange as
+After installing GNUnet, unpack the GNU Taler exchange tarball,
+change into the resulting directory, and proceed as follows:
- $ git clone
- $ cd exchange
- $ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure [--prefix=EXCHANGEPFX] \
$ # Each dependency can be fetched from non standard locations via
@@ -388,13 +383,12 @@ Installing the GNU Taler merchant backend
The following steps assume all dependencies are installed.
-Use the following commands to download and install the merchant backend:
+First, unpack the GNU Taler merchant tarball and change into
+the resulting directory.
+Then, use the following commands to build and install the merchant backend:
- $ git clone
- $ cd merchant
- $ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure [--prefix=PFX] \
[--with-gnunet=GNUNETPFX] \