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and for libmicrohttpd (
+Debian and Ubuntu Repositories
+We package our software for Debian and Ubuntu.
+Nightly Repositories
+To try the latest, unstable and untested versions of packages,
+you can add the nightly package sources.
+.. code-block:: shell-session
+ # For Ubuntu (focal-fossa)
+ $ echo "deb focal-taler-nightly main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/taler.list
+ # For Debian (bullseye)
+ $ echo "deb bullseye-taler-nightly main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/taler.list
+ # Both: Install signing key for nightly packages
+ $ wget -O - | apt-key add -
Language-Specific Guidelines
@@ -636,20 +659,22 @@ in the respective source directory (GNUnet, exchange, merchant) to create the
``.deb`` files. Note that they will be created in the parent directory. This
can be done on, or on another (secure) machine.
+On ``gv``, we use the ``aptbuilder`` user to manage the reprepro repository.
Next, the ``*.deb`` files should be copied to, say to
-``/root/incoming``. Then, run
+``/home/aptbuilder/incoming``. Then, run
.. code-block:: bash
- # cd /var/www/repos/apt/debian/
- # reprepro includedeb sid /root/incoming/*.deb
+ # cd /home/aptbuilder/apt
+ # reprepro includedeb bullseye ~/incoming/*.deb
-to import all Debian files from ``/root/incoming/`` into the ``sid``
+to import all Debian files from ``~/incoming/`` into the ``bullseye``
distribution. If Debian packages were build against other distributions,
reprepro may need to be first configured for those and the import command
updated accordingly.
-Finally, make sure to clean up ``/root/incoming/`` (by deleting the
+Finally, make sure to clean up ``~/incoming/`` (by deleting the
now imported ``*.deb`` files).