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The following instructions will show how to install libgnunetutil and
the exchange (which includes the code for the auditor).
-Before you install libgnunetutil, you must download and install the
-dependencies mentioned above, otherwise the build may succeed but fail
-to export some of the tooling required by Taler.
-To download and install libgnunetutil, proceed as follows:
-.. code-block:: console
- $ git clone
- $ cd gnunet/
- $ ./bootstrap
- $ ./configure [--prefix=GNUNETPFX]
- $ # Each dependency can be fetched from non standard locations via
- $ # the '--with-<LIBNAME>' option. See './configure --help'.
- $ make
- # make install
-If you did not specify a prefix, GNUnet will install to ``/usr/local``,
-which requires you to run the last step as ``root``.
+.. include:: frags/installing-gnunet.rst
To download and install the GNU Taler exchange, proceeds as follows: