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@@ -131,9 +131,6 @@ components:
only supports Postgres, but the code could be easily extended to
support another DBMS.
-.. Is it correct that "The software" indicates the Auditor component of GNU
- Taler? Also, can we delete the last sentence? --ttn
- The auditor Web service
The auditor is expected to provide a public Web service. At this REST API,
@@ -176,10 +173,6 @@ components:
of the report is required, as not every detail in the report is necessarily
indicative of a problem.
-.. Does parallelism introduce possible non-determinism? Can we rename the
- taler-helper-auditor-render program w/o the trailing ".py"? (That is an
- implementation detail, i think.) --ttn
@@ -470,8 +463,6 @@ several categories of failures of different severity:
- Configuration issues (such was wire fees unavailable).
-.. Is "to make a loss" standard jargon (new to my ears)? --ttn
.. _AuditorDatabaseUpgrades: