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taler-exchange-offline(1): document ‘show -’; add example variant
This is the result of email discussion 2021-01-05.
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@@ -116,6 +116,9 @@ other parameters.
It consumes the output of the ``download`` subcommand, either from ``stdin`` or
+However, if given arg ``-`` (hyphen), this input is not consumed,
+but instead is passed to the next command. This functions like the
+tee(1) command.
Its output always goes to ``stdout`` for human consumption (not in JSON). It
is usually a bad idea (but possible) to combine ``show`` with other subcommands,
@@ -323,6 +326,12 @@ Note that doing this is only recommended in non-production deployments.
$ taler-exchange-offline download sign upload
+Here is a variant that shows the output of ``download``, but does not consume it,
+so that ``sign`` can see it as input, as in the variant without ``show``.
+.. code-block:: console
+ $ taler-exchange-offline download show - sign upload
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