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-a VALUE, --amount=VALUE
Amount to be transferred to the reserve. Mandatory.
+ Use USERNAME and PASSWORD for HTTP client authentication. The ":" must be present as a separator. Note that this form of authentication has nothing to do with the TLS client certificate authentication supported with the "-C", "-k" and "-p" options. The PASSWORD given to this option is given to the server! Optional.
+ The specified CERTFILE contains a TLS client certificate to be used to authenticate the client. Optional. See also "-t".
-e URL, --exchange-url=URL
Use URL for the exchange base URL. This is the exchange where
the reserve will be created. The currency used in the amount
specificiation must be offered by this exchange. Mandatory.
+ The specified KEYFILE contains a TLS client private key to be used to authenticate the client. Optional. See also "-p" and "-C".
-m URL, --merchant-url=URL
Use URL as the merchant base URL. Should include the path to
the instance if the reserve is to be created for a non-default instance.
+ The specified KEYFILEPASSPHRASE is to be used to decrypt the KEYFILE. Optional. See also "-k". Not to be confused with "-A". The KEYFILEPASSPHRASE given here is only used locally to decrypt the KEYFILE.
+ The specified CERTFILE contains a TLS client certificate of CERTTYPE. Default is "PEM". Optional. See also "-C".
-w METHOD, --wire-method=METHOD
Which wire method should be used. Needed to select the wire
transfer method of the exchange. The method must be supported