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+**-a** *TOKEN* \| **––auth=**\ \ *TOKEN*
+ Use TOKEN for initial access control to the merchant backend. The value
+ given in TOKEN must appear in backoffice requests to the default instance
+ of the merchant, i.e. "Authorization: secret-token:TOKEN" to obtain
+ access to the merchant backend. Note that setting a passphrase for the
+ default instance by any means will block future access via TOKEN. This
+ is basically a way to reset the passphrase protecting access. TOKEN
+ should be a "pchar" as per RFC 8959, but this is NOT checked. Note that
+ TOKEN will only grant access to the 'default' instance, not other instances.
+ Instead of using the command-line, which exposes TOKEN to users on the
+ system, you may want to consider setting the
+ TALER_MERCHANT_TOKEN environment variable instead.
**-C** \| **––connection-close**
Force each HTTP connection to be closed after each request
(useful in combination with -f to avoid having to wait for nc to
@@ -68,6 +81,14 @@ SIGTERM
+Environment Variables
+ Like the "-a" option, resets the access token for the default
+ instance to the given value.
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