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-[**-s** *FILENAME* | **––source-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*]
-[**-d** *FILENAME* | **––destination-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*]
-[**-h** | **––help**]
-[**-b** *SIZE* | **––batch=**\ ‌\ *SIZE*]
-[**-t** | **––terminate-when-synchronized**]
-[**-v** | **––version**]
-[**-L** *LOGLEVEL* | **––loglevel=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*]
+[**-s** *FILENAME* | **--source-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*]
+[**-d** *FILENAME* | **--destination-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*]
+[**-h** | **--help**]
+[**-b** *SIZE* | **--batch=**\ ‌\ *SIZE*]
+[**-t** | **--terminate-when-synchronized**]
+[**-v** | **--version**]
+[**-L** *LOGLEVEL* | **--loglevel=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*]
@@ -34,31 +34,31 @@ and instead halt with an error.
Its options are as follows:
-**-s** *FILENAME* \| **––source-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*
+**-s** *FILENAME* \| **--source-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*
Use the configuration in *FILENAME* to access the original (source) exchange
database to copy records from.
-**-d** *FILENAME* \| **––destination-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*
+**-d** *FILENAME* \| **--destination-configuration=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*
Use the configuration in *FILENAME* to access the target (destination) exchange
database to copy records to.
-**-t** \| **––terminate-when-synchronized**
+**-t** \| **--terminate-when-synchronized**
The program should exit once the two databases are in sync, instead of continuously
copying more records when the source database is updated.
-**-h** \| **––help**
+**-h** \| **--help**
Print short help on options.
-**-L** *LOGLEVEL* \| **––loglevel=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*
+**-L** *LOGLEVEL* \| **--loglevel=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*
Specifies the log level to use. Accepted values are: ``DEBUG``, ``INFO``,
-**-b** *SIZE* \| **––batch=**\ ‌\ *SIZE*
+**-b** *SIZE* \| **--batch=**\ ‌\ *SIZE*
Target number of records to copy in one transaction. Once the databases are
in sync, the batch size is used to determine how long the process sleeps before
trying to again synchronize the two databases. Not useful if **-t** is used.
-**-v** \| **––version**
+**-v** \| **--version**
Print version information.
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