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+This project has been jointly developed by INRIA and by individuals
+being under the juridical subject called 'GNUnet e.V.'. For each source
+file, the header indicated whose is holding the copyright, since some
+parts have been taken "verbatim" from the GNUnet e.V. licensed code, and
+some other have been developed at INRIA "ex novo".
+Source files of interest are located in the following directories:
+(The repository could contain also scaffolded autogenerated files,
+which do not have legal significance in this context)
+* current directory
+* exts/
+Runtime dependencies
+We list as 'runtime dependencies'
+* shared libraries (namely \*.so files)
+* running services (like databases)
+* languages interpreters (like PHP)
+The following list encompasses all the runtime dependencies for this project,
+and gives the copyright holder for each of them
+* Sphinx : Georg Brandl and the Sphinx team
+* Python: Python Software Foundation