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Interaction with merchant websites
@@ -28,10 +42,14 @@ a physical good on his screen, the user will receive it by mail.
IIG triggers different flows according to the user visiting an offering or a fulfillment
URL. For clarity, below are listed the steps taken when the user visits an offering URL.
+.. _offer:
IIG by `offering` URL
+0. If the state associated to the resource requested is `payed`, go to 7.
1. The merchant sends the following object embedded in a `taler-confirm-contract` event
.. code-block:: tsref
@@ -96,6 +114,8 @@ IIG by `fulfillment` URL
We stress again that the fulfillment URL contains all the information a merchant needs
to reconstruct a contract.
+0. If the state associated to the resource requested is `payed`, go to point 7 above.
1. The user visits a fulfillment URL
2. The merchant replies with the same data structure shown in point 4 above