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use more precise formulation for step 5
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@@ -28,8 +28,10 @@ transfers payment coins from the wallet to (c), and change coins from (b) to
the wallet (unless the payment amount exactly matches the denomination of the
coins in the wallet).
-In step 5, (c) *deposits* coins into (b). These coins are still anonymous,
-although the transaction itself is not anonymous.
+In step 5, (c) *deposits* coins into (b). At this point, (b) knows the
+identity of (c), but not of (a). Taler uses cryptography to validate that the
+coins are unique and were issued by (b), but (b) cannot determine to whom the
+coins were originally issued.
In step 6, (b) directs (e) to wire transfer real funds corresponding to the
accumulated deposited coins to (f).