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+WebExtensions Wallet
+The WebExtensions Wallet (*wxwallet*) can be used to pay with GNU Taler on web
+sites from within modern web browsers. The `WebExtensions
+<>`_ API interface that enables the
+development cross-browser extensions. Google Chrome / Chromium, Mozilla
+Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge will all offer support for WebExtensions in
+the future.
+Currently Chrome hast the best support for WebExtensions (since the API is a superset
+of Chrome's extension API).
+Development Environment
+The *wxwallet* mainly written in the `TypeScript
+<>`_ language, which is a statically typed
+superset of JavaScript.
+While the *wxwallet* is mainly intended to be run from inside a browser, the
+logic is implemented in browser-independent modules that can also be called
+from other environments such as `nodejs <>`_. This is
+especially useful for automatically running unit tests.
+Project Structure
+.. parsed-literal::
+ **manifest.json** extension configuration
+ **package.json** node.js package configuration
+ **tsconfig.json** TypeScript compiler configuration
+ **lib/**
+ **vendor/** 3rd party libraries
+ **wallet/** actual application logic
+ **emscripten/** emscripten object file and glue
+ **test/**
+ **run_tests.js** nodejs entry point for tests
+ **tests/** test cases
+ **content_scripts/notify.ts** wallet<->website signaling
+ **backgrond/main.ts** backend entry point
+ **img/** static image resources
+ **style/** CSS stylesheets
+ **pages/** pages shown in browser tabs
+ **popup/** pages shown the extension popup
+`Emscripten <>`_ is C/C++
+to JavaScript compiler. Emscripten is used in the *wxwallet* to access
+low-level cryptography from *libgcrypt*, and miscellaneous functionality from
+*libgnunetutil* and *libtalerwallet*.
+Target Environments and Modularization
+Modules in the wallet are declared in TypeScript with
+the ES6 module syntax. These modules are then compiled
+to `SystemJS <>`_ `register` modules.
+SystemJS modules can be loaded from the browser as well as from nodejs.
+However they require special entry points that configure the module system,
+load modules and execute code. Examples are `backgrond/main.ts` for the
+browser and `test/run_tests.js` for nodejs.
+Note that special care has to be taken when loading the Emscript code,
+as it is not compatible with the SystemJS module, even in the `globals`
+compatibility mode.
+The TypeScript sources in the *wxwallet* are compiled down to ES5, both to
+enable running in node.js without transpilers and to avoid a `bug
+<>`_ in the TypeScript
+IndexedDB Query Abstractions
+The *wxwallet* uses a fluent-style API for queries on IndexedDB.
+TODO: say more