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make paywall payment flow NoJS compatible
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@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ Requirements
* A simple API should be offered to shops
* Sharing of links or re-visiting of bookmarks should result in well-defined
behavior instead of random, ugly error messages.
+* The payment flow must degrade gracefully when JavaScript is disabled.
Proposed Solution
@@ -143,13 +144,18 @@ The merchant backend runs the following steps to generate the HTML page for
4. If *order-ID* identifies an *claimed* and *unpaid* order, run these steps:
- 1. If the order is *claimed* and the *contract-hash* request parameter does not
+ 1. If the *claim-token* request parameter is given and the *contract-hash* requesst parameter is
+ not given, redirect to the fulfillment URL of the order. (**Note**: We do not check
+ the claim token, as the merchant might have already deleted it when the order is paid,
+ and the fulfillment URL is not considered to be secret/private.)
+ 2. If the *contract-hash* request parameter does not
match the contract hash of the order, return a 403 Forbidden response. **Terminate**.
- 2. If there is a non-null *already-paid-order-ID* for *session-ID* stored under the current order,
+ 3. If there is a non-null *already-paid-order-ID* for *session-ID* stored under the current order,
redirect to the *fulfillment-URL* of *already-paid-order-ID*. **Terminate**.
- 3. Prompt the URI
+ 4. Prompt the URI