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@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@ When *resource-URL* is requested, the storefront runs the following steps:
1. Extract the *resource name* from the *resource-URL*.
2. Extract the *session-ID* (or null) from the request's validated cookie (for example, by using signed cookies).
3. Extract the *order-ID* (or null) from the request's ``order_id`` cookie. This cookie may optionally be validated.
+ is "invalid" equivalent to "null"?
4. If *session-ID* or *order-ID* is invalid, assign a fresh session ID and
create a new order for *resource name* by doing a ``POST /private/orders``
to the merchant backend. Set both in the cookie to be sent with the response.
@@ -66,7 +69,7 @@ The merchant backend runs the following steps to generate the
1. Let *session-ID* be the session ID of the request or null if not given (note: **not** the last paid session ID)
-2. If *order-ID* does not identify an existing order, return a 40 Not Found response. **Terminate**.
+2. If *order-ID* does not identify an existing order, return a 404 Not Found response. **Terminate**.
3. If *order-ID* identifies an order that is *unclaimed* and has claim token *claim-token*, return the URL