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Small Anastasis clarifications
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@@ -125,6 +125,12 @@ the user is already asked to provide the information
required for the recovery with that method.
For example, a photo of themselves, their phone number or mailing address.
+Using Anastatis providers usually isn't free.
+From here on, the UI should show estimated recurring costs (yearly)
+and the cost of recovery.
+Both costs should get updated with each user action affecting those costs
+such as selecting more authentication methods.
.. image::
:width: 800
.. image::
@@ -153,15 +159,20 @@ that are not included in the default list provided by the wallet.
.. image::
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-Defining Recovery Threshold
+Defining Recovery Options
After mapping authentication methods to providers,
the user needs select which combinations are sufficient to recover the secret.
The default could be ``n-1`` out of ``n``.
-Maybe the `Dark Crystal UI Recommendations <>`__
-can be an inspiration here.
+However, Anastasis recovery policies support more complex recovery options (policies) such as
+* video-identification + passphrase
+* video-identification + SMS
+* SMS + postal mail + passphrase
+when video-identification, passphrase, SMS and postal mail were chosen as authentication methods.
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