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+Design Doc 003: ToS rendering
+This document describes how terms of service (ToS) as well as other "legal
+agreement documents" are served, represented and rendered.
+Different exchanges and backup/sync providers each have their custom legal
+agreement documents. As we don't know all providers and they are not centrally
+registered anywhere, these documents can't be hardcoded into wallet
+applications. Instead, these service providers expose endpoints that allow
+downloading the latest version of these legal agreement documents.
+These documents must be rendered on a variety of platforms in a user-friendly
+Proposed Solution
+The service providers can output legal agreements in various formats,
+determined via the ``"Accept: "`` request header. The format provider **must**
+support the ``text/plain`` mime type. The format provider **should** support
+the ``text/markdown`` mime type. Except for styling and navigation, the
+content of each format of the same legal agreement document **should** be the
+Legal documents with mime type ``text/markdown`` **should** confirm to the
+`commonmark specification <>`__.
+When wallets render ``text/markdown`` legal documents, they **must** disable
+embedded HTML rendering. Wallets **may** style the markdown rendering to improve
+usability. For example, they can make sections collabsible or add a nagivation side-bar
+on bigger screens.
+It is recommended that the ``text/markdown`` document is used as the "master
+document" for generating the corresponding legal agreement document in other
+formats. However, service providers can also provide custom versions with more
+appropriate styling, like a logo in the header of a printable PDF document.
+We considered and rejected the following alternatives:
+* Use only plain text. This is not user-friendly, as inline formatting (bold,
+ italic), styled section headers, paragraphs wrapped to the screen size,
+ formatted lists and tables are not supported.
+* Use HTML. This has a variety of issues:
+ * Service providers might provide HTML that does not render nicely on the
+ device that our wallet application is running on.
+ * Rendering HTML inside the application poses security risks.
+* Use a strict subset of HTML. This would mean we would have to define some
+ standardized subset that all wallet implementations support, which is too
+ much work. Existing HTML renderers (such as Android's ``Html.fromHTML``)
+ support undocumented subsets that lack features we want, such as ordered
+ lists. Defining our own HTML subset would also make authoring harder, as it
+ forces authors of legal agreement documents to author in our HTML subset, as
+ conversion tools from other format will not generate output in our HTML
+ subset.
+* Use reStructuredText (directly or via Sphinx). This at first looks like an
+ obvious choice for a master format, since Taler is already using reStructuredText
+ for all its documentation. But it doesn't work out well, since the only maintained
+ implementation of a parser/renderer is written in Python. Even with the Python implementation
+ (docutils / Sphinx), we can't convert ``.rst`` to Markdown nicely.
+* Markdown parsing / rendering libraries can be relatively large.
+Discussion / Q&A
+* Should the legal agreement endpoints have some mechanism to determine what
+ content types they support?