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@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ possibly by using HTTPS.
list_issue_date: Timestamp;
// Auditors of the exchange.
- auditors: Auditor[];
+ auditors: AuditorKeys[];
// The exchange's signing keys.
signkeys: SignKey[];
@@ -245,25 +245,28 @@ possibly by using HTTPS.
An entry in the ``auditors`` list is a JSON object with the following fields:
- .. ts:def:: Auditor
+ .. ts:def:: AuditorKeys
- interface Auditor {
+ interface AuditorKeys {
// The auditor's EdDSA signing public key.
auditor_pub: EddsaPublicKey;
// The auditor's URL.
auditor_url: string;
+ // The auditor's name (for humans)
+ auditor_name: string;
// An array of denomination keys the auditor affirms with its signature.
// Note that the message only includes the hash of the public key, while the
// signature is actually over the expanded information including expiration
// times and fees. The exact format is described below.
- denomination_keys: DenominationKey[];
+ denomination_keys: AuditorDenominationKey[];
- .. ts:def:: DenominationKey
+ .. ts:def:: AuditorDenominationKey
- interface DenominationKey {
+ interface AuditorDenominationKey {
// hash of the public RSA key used to sign coins of the respective
// denomination. Note that the auditor's signature covers more than just
// the hash, but this other information is already provided in ``denoms`` and
@@ -1042,10 +1045,13 @@ exchange.
not yet have completed and might be known to the exchange in the near future.
In this case, the wallet should repeat the exact same request later again
using exactly the same blinded coin.
- :http:statuscode:`403 Forbidden`:
+ :http:statuscode:`409 Conflict`:
The balance of the reserve is not sufficient to withdraw a coin of the indicated denomination.
The response is `WithdrawError` object.
+ :http:statuscode:`410 Gone`:
+ The requested denomination key is no longer valid. It either expired or was revoked.
+ :http:statuscode:`412 Precondition failed`:
+ The requested denomination key is not yet valid. It is too early to withdraw.