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@@ -93,6 +93,9 @@ itself cannot not enforce these rules.
database with a timestamp into the future, it must still
increment it by the smallest possible amount when uploading an
+* In general, the merge operation should be implemented in such a way
+ that it deals gracefully with adversarial devices from rouge
+ devices connected to the same account.
It is assumed that the synchronization service is only ever accessed
over TLS, and that the synchronization service is trusted to not build
@@ -121,12 +124,16 @@ Receiving Terms of Service
// Fee for an account, per year.
annual_fee: Amount;
+ // protocol version supported by the server,
+ // for now always "0.0".
+ version: Integer;
.. _sync:
-.. http:get:: /$ACCOUNT-KEY
+.. http:get:: /backups/$ACCOUNT-KEY
Download latest version of the backup.
The returned headers must include "Etags" based on
@@ -189,8 +196,8 @@ Receiving Terms of Service
.. http:post:: /$ACCOUNT-KEY
Upload a new version of the account's database, or download the
- latest version. The request must include the "Expect: 100 Continue"
- header. The client must wait for "100 Continue" before proceeding
+ latest version. The request SHOULD include the "Expect: 100 Continue"
+ header. The client then SHOULD wait for "100 Continue" before proceeding
with the upload, regardless of the size of the upload.