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more work on DD13 spec
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@@ -1542,11 +1542,13 @@ Creating orders
:http:statuscode:`404 Not found`:
Possible reasons are:
(1) The order given used products from the inventory, but those were
not found in the inventory.
(2) The merchant instance is unknown (including possibly the instance
being not configured for new orders).
(3) The wire method specified is not supported by the backend.
Details in the error code.
NOTE: currently the client has no good way to find out which product
is not in the inventory, we MAY want to specify that in the reply.
@@ -1624,7 +1626,7 @@ Creating orders
fulfillment_url?: string;
- The following `ProductSpecification` can be provided if the parts of the
+ The following `MinimalInventoryProduct` can be provided if the parts of the
order are inventory-based, that is if the `PostOrderRequest` uses
``inventory_products``. For such products, which must be in the backend's inventory,
the backend can automatically fill in the amount and other details about