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fulfillment_url?: string;
- The following fields can be specified if the order is inventory-based.
- In this case, the backend can compute the amounts from the prices given
- in the inventory. Note that if the frontend does give more details
- (portions of ``ContractTerms``), this will override those details
- (including total price) that would otherwise computed based on information
- from the inventory.
- .. ts:def:: ProductSpecification
- type ProductSpecification : (MinimalInventoryProduct | Product);
+ The following `ProductSpecification` can be provided if the parts of the
+ order are inventory-based, that is if the `PostOrderRequest` uses
+ ``inventory_products``. For such products, which must be in the backend's inventory,
+ the backend can automatically fill in the amount and other details about
+ the product that are known to it from its ``products`` table.
+ Note that the ``inventory_products`` will be appended to the
+ list of ``products`` that the frontend already put into the ``order``.
+ So if the frontend can sell additional non-inventory products together
+ with ``inventory_products``.
.. ts:def:: MinimalInventoryProduct