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@@ -2617,7 +2617,9 @@ Wallet-to-wallet transfers
The response will include a `PurseDepositSuccess` object.
:http:statuscode:`202 Accepted`:
The payment was accepted, but insufficient to reach the
- specified purse balance. The client should make further
+ specified purse balance. If an encrypted contract was
+ provided, it will have been stored in the database.
+ The client should make further
purse deposits before the expiration deadline.
The response will include a `PurseDepositAccepted` object.
:http:statuscode:`401 Unauthorized`:
@@ -2635,12 +2637,16 @@ Wallet-to-wallet transfers
residual value, or because the same public key of the coin has been
previously used with a different denomination. Which case it is
can be decided by looking at the error code
The fields of the response are the same in both cases.
The request should not be repeated again with this coin.
In this case, the response is a `PurseDepositDoubleSpendError`.
If the value of all successful coins is below the purse fee,
- the exchange may not setup the purse at all.
+ the exchange may not setup the purse at all. The encrypted
+ contract will not have been associated with the purse if this
+ status code is returned. However, all coins that were not
+ double-spent will have been deposited into the purse.
:http:statuscode:`425 Too Early`:
This response type is used if the given purse expiration time
is too far in the future (at least from the perspective