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+Protocol Version Ranges
+Some of the Taler services (e.g. exchange, merchant, bank integration API)
+expose the range of API versions they support. Clients in turn have an API
+version range they support. These version ranges are written down in the
+`libtool version format <>`__.
+A protocol version is a positive, non-zero integer. A protocol version range consists of three components:
+1. The ``current`` version. This is the latest version of the protocol supported by the client or service.
+2. The ``revision`` number. This value is not to be interpreted by the client/server, but serves
+ purely as a comment. Each time a service/client for a protocol is updated while supporting the same
+ set of protocol versions, the revision should be increased.
+3. The ``age`` number. This non-zero integer identifies with how many previous protocol versions this
+ implementation is compatible. An ``age`` of 0 implies that the implementation only supports
+ the ``current`` protocol version. The ``age`` must be less or equal than the ``current`` protocol version.
+To avoid confusion with semantic versions, the protocol version range is written down in the following format:
+.. code:: none
+ current[:revision[:age]]
+The angle brackets mark optional components. If either ``revision`` or ``age`` are omitted, they default to 0.
+* "1" and "1" are compatible
+* "1" and "2" are **incompatible**
+* "2:0:1" and "1:0:0" are compatible
+* "2:5:1" and "1:10:0" are compatible
+* "4:0:1" and "2:0:0" are **incompatible**
+* "4:0:1" and "3:0:0" are compatible
+.. note::
+ `Semantic versions <>`__ are not a good tool for this job, as we concisely want to express
+ that the client/server supports the last ``n`` versions of the protocol.
+ Semantic versions don't support this, and semantic version ranges are too complex for this.
+.. warning::
+ A client doesn't have one single protocol version range. Instead, it has
+ a protocol version range for each type of service it talks to.
+.. warning::
+ For privacy reasons, the protocol version range of a client should not be
+ sent to the service. Instead, the client should just use the two version ranges
+ to decide whether it will talk to the service.
.. _encodings-ref: