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:status 404 Not Found: The bank does not know this rowid for this account.
+.. http:get:: /history-range
+ Filters and returns the list of transactions in the time range specified by `start` and `end`
+ **Request**
+ :query auth: authentication method used. At this stage of development, only value `basic` is accepted. Note that username and password need to be given as request's headers. The dedicated headers are: `X-Taler-Bank-Username` and `X-Taler-Bank-Password`.
+ :query start: unix timestamp indicating the oldest transaction accepted in the result.
+ :query end: unix timestamp indicating the youngest transaction accepted in the result.
+ :query direction: argument taking values `debit` or `credit`, according to the caller willing to receive both incoming and outgoing, only outgoing, or only incoming records. Use `both` to return both directions.
+ :query cancelled: argument taking values `omit` or `show` to filter out rejected transactions
+ :query account_number: bank account whose history is to be returned. *Currently ignored*, as multiple bank accounts per user are not implemented yet.
+ :query ordering: can be `descending` or `ascending` and regulates whether the row are returned youger-to-older or vice versa. Defaults to `descending`.
+ **Response**
+ :status 200 OK: JSON object whose field `data` is an array of type `BankTransaction`_.
+ :status 204 No content: in case no records exist for the targeted user.
.. http:get:: /history
Filters and returns the list of transactions of the customer specified in the request.