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machine as `[root@exchange-offline]#` /`[$user@exchange-offline]$`. It is possible to do the entire setup
on one machine, but we do not recommend this for security reasons.
+Before you start
+To deploy this with a real bank, you need:
+* IBAN of the bank account to use
+* BIC of the bank
+* EBICS host, user and partner IDs
+We assume that the system is a minimal installation of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
+Ideally, you should have two hosts, ``exchange-online`` and
+``exchange-offline``. It is also possible to run the HTTPS nginx server or
+the Postgres database on yet another host, but in these instructions we will
+assume that only two hosts are used. Alas, the instructions will also work if
+you run everything on one system, but then you have the security drawback of
+not keeping the high-security private keys disconnected from the Internet.
To install the exchange, first make sure that your system is up-to-date
and that the ``gnupg`` package has been installed.