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diff --git a/libeufin/nexus-tutorial.rst b/libeufin/nexus-tutorial.rst
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--- a/libeufin/nexus-tutorial.rst
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@@ -44,6 +44,11 @@ Use the following command to *(1) run the nexus service*:
$ libeufin-nexus
+After the startup, Nexus should have created a ``.sqlite3`` file in
+its current working directory. Feel free to use the ``--with-db`` option
+to change the database name and path. In future releases, the support
+for Postgresql will be provided.
At this point a *(2) superuser account needs to be activated
into the system*:
@@ -73,8 +78,25 @@ creating a EBICS connection*.
--nexus-password $NEXUS_PASSWORD \
-If the previous command succeeded, Nexus must communicate all the details
-to the bank. Therefore, it will *(4) synchronize the connection*.
+If the step above executed correctly, Nexus created all the cryptographic
+material that is needed on the client side; in this EBICS example, it created
+the signature and identification keys. It is therefore advisable to *(4) make
+a backup copy* of such keys.
+.. code-block:: shell
+ libeufin-cli \
+ connections \
+ --connection-name $NEXUS_BANK_CONNECTION_NAME \
+ --nexus-user-id $NEXUS_USER \
+ --nexus-password $NEXUS_PASSWORD \
+ --passphrase $SECRET \
+ --outputfile $BACKUP_FILE \
+At this point, Nexus must communicate all the details to the bank. Therefore,
+it will *(4) synchronize the connection*. In this EBICS example, Nexus will send
+the *INI* and *HIA* messages to the bank.
.. code-block:: shell