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still on licensing
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@@ -16,15 +16,8 @@ file, the header indicated whose is holding the copyright, since some
parts have been taken "verbatim" from the GNUnet e.V. licensed code, and
some other have been developed at INRIA "ex novo".
-Source files of interest are located in the following directories:
-(The repository could contain also scaffolded autogenerated files,
-which do not have legal significance in this context)
Generally, GNU GPLv3 license is used for them; see COPYING.GPL
-* current directory
-* exts/
Runtime dependencies
@@ -59,6 +52,16 @@ and gives the copyright holder for each of them
WebExtensions Wallet (git://
+Project developed 100% at INRIA with legacy from GNUnet e.V. owned software.
+So each source carries its own copyright holder(s), but it is generally licensed
+under GPL.
+Runtime dependencies
+There is no specific runtime dependency since this component just uses API defined
+by Google, but it is not specifically tied to any Google product
Merchant (git://
@@ -153,6 +156,27 @@ and gives the copyright holder for each of them
Exchange (git://
+Mostly developed by TUM students/researcher, therefore the copyright for this
+component is mainly owned by GNUnet e.V.. The licensing broads between GNU GPL/AGPL/LGPL
+Runtime dependencies
+We list as 'runtime dependencies'
+* shared libraries (namely \*.so files)
+* running services (like databases)
+* languages interpreters (like PHP)
+The following list encompasses all the runtime dependencies for this project,
+and gives the copyright holder for each of them
+* libjansson : MIT License, AGPL- and LGPL-Compatible, owned by Petri Lehtinen and other individuals
+* libgcrypt : LGPL, owned by Free Software Foundation
+* postgresql : PostgreSQL License, AGPL- and LGPL-Compatible, owned by The PostgreSQL Global Development Group
+* libgnunet (in all of its variants) : LGPL/GPL, owned by GNUnet e.V.
Web includes (git://
+All copyright owned by INRIA. Sources licensed with GNU LGPL