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policy of 12-chars limit for currency names; which is likely going to
be changed.
-The exchange needs to get its database explicitly set up, before it can
-actually be launched.
+It may be necessary to define database tables for the exchange. The
+following command does that.
.. code-block:: none
+ # Erase all the data!
$ taler-exchange-dbinit -r
+As of the merchant backend, it creates tables at launch time, so it is
+not required to define tables before launching it. `However`, if some
+table's definition changed over the time, and there is a need to force
+a redefinition of tables, then the following command accomplishes that
+for the merchant:
+.. code-block:: none
+ # Erase all the data!
+ $ taler-merchant-dbinit -r
If all previous steps succeeded, it is now possible to launch all the
processes. That is accomplished by the following command: