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use installing-taler-exchange.rst in Merchant Manual
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@@ -325,22 +325,7 @@ Installing the GNU Taler exchange
.. index:: exchange
-After installing GNUnet, unpack the GNU Taler exchange tarball,
-change into the resulting directory, and proceed as follows:
-.. code-block:: console
- $ ./configure [--prefix=EXCHANGEPFX] \
- [--with-gnunet=GNUNETPFX]
- $ # Each dependency can be fetched from non standard locations via
- $ # the '--with-<LIBNAME>' option. See './configure --help'.
- $ make
- # make install
-If you did not specify a prefix, the exchange will install to ``/usr/local``,
-which requires you to run the last step as ``root``. You have to specify
-``--with-gnunet=/usr/local`` if you installed GNUnet to ``/usr/local`` in the
-previous step.
+.. include:: frags/instaling-taler-exchange.rst
There is no need to actually run a Taler exchange to use the Taler merchant
backend -- all the merchant needs from the Taler exchange is a few headers and