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@@ -441,6 +441,7 @@ permissions. Those permissions are only required for this step (which may
have to be repeated when upgrading a deployment). Afterwards, during normal
operation, permissions to ``CREATE`` or ``ALTER`` tables are not required by
any of the Taler exchange processes and thus should not be granted.
+For more information, see :doc:`manpages/taler-exchange-dbinit.1`.
.. _Coins-denomination-keys:
@@ -654,9 +655,8 @@ follows to enable a wire account:
$ taler-exchange-offline enable-account payto://iban/CH9300762011623852957
The resulting JSON output must be uploaded to the exchange using
-``taler-exchange-offline upload``. For details, see the man
-page on ``taler-exchange-offline``.
-ttn: please turn this into a link!
+``taler-exchange-offline upload``.
+For details, see :doc:`manpages/taler-exchange-offline.1`.
.. _Wire-fee-structure:
@@ -822,7 +822,7 @@ to provision the signatures to the exchange. At this point, the
exchange will be able to use those keys, but wallets and merchants
may not yet trust them! Thus, the next step is for the auditor
to affirm that they are auditing this exchange. Details about
-this are described in the auditor manual (ttn: add link, please!).
+this are described in :doc:`taler-auditor-manual`.
The simplistic (without using offline keys for the auditor) way
to do this would be:
@@ -831,6 +831,8 @@ to do this would be:
$ taler-auditor-offline download sign upload
+For more information, see :doc:`manpages/taler-auditor-offline.1`.
Private key storage