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+Wallet Backup Merging
+This design doc discusses considerations for merging wallet backups.
+The wallet backup functionality is meant to be used primarily with one device
+per backup account. Multiple devices sharing one backup account is heavily
+discouraged, as it can lead to unexpected and unwanted user experiences, such
+as money suddenly vanishing when it has been spent by a devices that shares the
+backup account.
+However, there are some situations where more than one device accesses the same
+backup account. This happens when:
+1. A wallet backup is restored on a new device, but the
+ old device is still active. In this scenario, the devices
+ have different device IDs, but the same wallet root public key.
+2. An old wallet backup is taken over by an existing wallet.
+ In this scenario, the devices have different devices IDs and
+ different wallet root public keys.
+3. A wallet device is copied, for example by restoring the whole
+ device from a device-level backup (not a wallet backup!).
+ In this scenario, the devices have the same device ID
+ and the same wallet root public key.
+.. note::
+ Q: Why doesn't the wallet root public key get rotated every time
+ that a wallet backup is restored on a new device?
+ A: Because that would mean that old "paper backups" and Anastasis
+ backups stop working, because they are based on the wallet root key.
+ Q: Why can't the wallet obtain some unique devices identifier to exclude
+ case 3?
+ A: Because we don't have a reliable API for this on many platforms.
+ Even if we had one, we shouldn't rely on it.
+The backup merging must ensure that:
+* No data that the user wants to keep is lost.
+* No data that the user has intentionally deleted is re-surfaced.
+* Conflicts should be resolved automatically wherever possible.
+Proposed Solution
+Stored Information
+* Every wallet keeps track of the following data:
+ * The current version number (positive integer)
+ * The current wallet root public key (Ed25519 public key)
+ * The current device ID (human-readable string)
+ * The status of every backup service account (not defined further here)
+* A backup blob stores the following information relevant for backup merging:
+ * The backup's version number, equal to the version number of
+ the wallet when the backup was uploaded.
+ * The wallet root public key of the wallet that owns the backup account
+ * The device ID of the wallet that owns the backup account.
+* Every object and tombstone in the wallet's database and the backup blob keeps
+ track of:
+ * The version number at which the entry was created.
+ * A timestamp for the entry.
+The version number is incremented with every operation that adds an object or
+tombstone to the wallet's database.
+Resolving Conflicts
+This section describes how conflicts are resolved when a wallet (with ``wallet_version``, ``wallet_device_id``
+and ``wallet_root_pub``) is merged with a backup (with ``backup_version``, ``backup_device_id``, and
+* If ``wallet_root_pub != backup_root_pub``: The user is shown a warning "the backup
+ account was written to by another wallet and can't be read by this wallet", and offered a dialog to either:
+ a. "Take over" the backup account and migrate it to the existing wallet root public key.
+ A clear warning must be shown that this will kick out the other device currently connected
+ to this account **and** will cause all data from the backup account to be lost.
+ b. Remove the backup account from the list.
+ Note that when first adding the backup account via a recovery code, there is a third option:
+ Migrate wallet to the account's wallet root public key. This is **only** possible when
+ scanning the recovery code, as the wallet needs the wallet root secret key to migrate
+ to the account.
+* If ``wallet_root_pub == backup_root_pub`` and ``wallet_device_id != backup_device_id``: The
+ user is shown a warning "two wallet devices are using the same backup account", and given
+ the option of:
+ a. Taking over the account from the existing device. This will not cause data loss,
+ but the other device (if it still exists!) will stop syncing.
+ b. To "abandon" the current wallet. This (optional, but recommended) will sync the current wallet state
+ with a special marker in the backup blob (so the other wallet continues syncing without
+ having to ask the user), and then delete the database contends and create a new ``wallet_root_pub``.
+* If ``wallet_root_pub == backup_root_pub`` and ``wallet_device_id == backup_device_id``:
+ * If ``wallet_version > backup_version``, do a normal backup
+ cycle (merge backup blob into wallet and upload a new backup).
+ * If ``wallet_version <= backup_version``, another wallet with the same
+ root public key must have "tampered"
+ with the wallet's state. Do a normal backup cycle, but consider displaying
+ a warning/notification to the user.
+Garbage-collecting Tombstones
+Tombstones should be automatically garbage-collected when the following criterea
+are both fulfilled:
+* The versions of active backup accounts are all larger than
+ the tombstone's version, and
+* the tombstone exceeded a threshold age (say, 3 days).
+Q / A
+* Q: Why are version numbers and tombstones necessary in backups?
+ * A: When syncing with a backup server that still has an old version
+ (but same device ID and wallet root pub), the tombstones ensure
+ that no old data is re-surfaced that has been deleted in later
+ versions.
+* Q: Why are tombstones only GCed after exceeding an age threshold?
+ * A: If we deleted them immediately, this might cause data to be re-surface
+ if a user temporarily removes and adds a backup account (say by accident)
+ that hasn't been synced in a while.
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