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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-02-22CSP.Marcello Stanisci
Enabling as 'default-src' because of 'glyphicons' loading.
2019-02-22Allow in CSP for style and script.Marcello Stanisci
2018-12-05Serving autoindexed reports directory.Marcello Stanisci
2018-12-05Serving reports under "shared-data" directory.Marcello Stanisci
2018-12-03Undo last commit.Marcello Stanisci
2018-12-03BB Web auth.Marcello Stanisci
Trying Nginx authentication feature.
2018-11-30Actually moving the sudoers under /etc here.Marcello Stanisci
2018-11-29Auditor reports.Marcello Stanisci
Put reports under 'test' and 'demo' home directories, and update nginx in order to serve those reports.
2018-11-26Fake Referer:-header from Nginx.Marcello Stanisci
2018-11-26nginx: strip the "/service" part from auditor URIs.Marcello Stanisci
2018-11-26fix last commitMarcello Stanisci
":/" cannot be appended inside @green|@blue blocks.
2018-11-26nginx: use ":/" after specifying the socket file.Marcello Stanisci
2018-11-23Remove spurious chars.Marcello Stanisci
2018-11-23Create nginx rules.Marcello Stanisci
2018-11-11letsencrypt decided to rename dirChristian Grothoff
2018-09-24nginx + build rules for translated docs landing.Marcello Stanisci
2018-09-16fix cristina's e-mailChristian Grothoff
2018-06-19Logs separation.Marcello Stanisci
Separating logs to a pair of dedicated files, since that Web site used to pollute a lot the main log files.
2018-06-19Reverting 'notice' log level for Nginx.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-13Need more verbosity from Nginx.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-08Remove buggy semicolon.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-08Backoffice block at Nginx.Marcello Stanisci
2018-05-30properly alias faviconFlorian Dold
2018-05-30override favicon for demoFlorian Dold
2018-05-09do not serve ancient image filesFlorian Dold
2018-02-22playground nginx confFlorian Dold
2018-02-06oops, also allow 'self' for img-srcFlorian Dold
2018-02-06serve images for staging correctly, allow data URLs as img-srcFlorian Dold
2018-02-05nginx conf: fix shopFlorian Dold
2018-02-05nginx conf: remove bad slashFlorian Dold
2018-02-05nginx config: fix demo backend /public forwardingFlorian Dold
2018-02-05nginx conf: remove obsolete sectionFlorian Dold
2018-02-05indentMarcello Stanisci
2018-02-05nginx config: fix copy paste errorFlorian Dold
2018-02-05still addressing copy-paste leftoversMarcello Stanisci
2018-02-05fix copy-paste error!Marcello Stanisci
2018-02-05apikey auth for demoFlorian Dold
2018-02-05we are not using hacky redirects anymoreFlorian Dold
2018-02-05fixing auditor site at nginx confMarcello Stanisci
2018-02-05fix copy-paste mistake!Marcello Stanisci
2018-02-05demo uses static landing nowMarcello Stanisci
2018-02-01add cgitrcFlorian Dold
2018-01-30make ApiKey part case insensitiveFlorian Dold
2018-01-30fix authFlorian Dold
2018-01-30fix nginx configFlorian Dold
2018-01-29protect test backend with apikeyFlorian Dold
2018-01-22fix confused socket namesFlorian Dold
2018-01-21remove error page that does not exist anymoreFlorian Dold
2018-01-17/backoffice location blockMarcello Stanisci
2018-01-17auto-compile docs landingMarcello Stanisci