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2021-02-18fix merchant base URL at tankerMS
2021-02-18missing colonMS
2021-02-18payto needs trailing slashMS
2021-02-17make last change gracefulMS
2021-02-17No auditor at GrumlaMS
2021-02-17fix URLsMS
2021-02-16update Grumla URLsMS
2021-02-15fix URIMS
2021-02-15Add Grumla 'ad hoc' URLs.MS
2020-10-13use https for environmentFlorian Dold
2020-09-17fix urlMS
2020-09-11fix port extractionMS
2020-09-11adapt config to serve via HTTPMS
2020-09-11configuration of local deploymentMS
2020-09-11local deploymentMS