AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-22run bank directlyFlorian Dold
2016-04-21activating BB scheduler which triggers builds on commitsMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-20minor fix to BB scriptsMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-20starting/stopping only the BB slavesMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-20renaming directoryMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-20Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Stanisci
2016-04-20chmod +xMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-20adding BB's start/stop scriptsMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19dockerfilesFlorian Dold
2016-04-19changing successful messages in buildbotMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19adding "make" to build TalerMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Stanisci
2016-04-19only "Force" scheduler for buildbotMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19dockerfilesFlorian Dold
2016-04-19programmatically ignoring conflicts in SVN when updating gnunetMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19typoMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19removing stamps with -fMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19missing "done" keywordMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-19+x for invalidate.shMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-18removing "demo" builder since not being used soon + linking Makefile-based pr...Marcello Stanisci
2016-04-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Stanisci
2016-04-18adding all components to project-wise Makefile-based builderMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-18commentFlorian Dold
2016-04-18typoFlorian Dold
2016-04-18concept for buildbot rebuild scriptsFlorian Dold
2016-04-17typoFlorian Dold
2016-04-17be more verbose in GNUnetFlorian Dold
2016-04-17exec bank instead of just running itFlorian Dold
2016-04-17timeout for restartFlorian Dold
2016-04-17timeout for restartFlorian Dold
2016-04-17add restart scriptFlorian Dold
2016-04-15remove obsolete rebuild scriptFlorian Dold
2016-04-15bank deploymentFlorian Dold
2016-04-15bank deploymentFlorian Dold
2016-04-15remove virtualenv, switch to new script for the bankFlorian Dold
2016-04-15exchange conf path for armMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-15options to launch exchangeMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-14removing demo builderMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-14BB string fixMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-14BB tmp=>localMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-14adding demoSlave and testSlave in buildbotMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-14buildbot perf benchmarkMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-14buildbot --with-gnunet fixMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-13changing buildbot port in nginxMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-13adapting buildbot to new namingsMarcello Stanisci
2016-04-11fix upstreamFlorian Dold
2016-04-11no include from user directoryFlorian Dold
2016-04-06fix log level syntax errorFlorian Dold
2016-04-06fournier's bb configFlorian Dold
2016-04-05bootstrap/configure gnunetFlorian Dold