AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-11-181e8 config in [frontends]Marcello Stanisci
2016-11-171e8 fraction option for bankMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-16bank-admin for demoMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-16unixpath mode for bank socketMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-16'Tutorial' is the default merchant instance. Blog points to FSF instance.Marcello Stanisci
2016-11-14Merge branch 'master' of Stanisci
2016-11-14#4775Marcello Stanisci
2016-11-14TODO containersMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14fix merchant working dirMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14fix merchant git URLMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14merchant containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14libgnurl -> libcurlMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14missing &&Marcello Stanisci
2016-11-14exchange containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14--disable-doc for mhdMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14debian unstable containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-14build libmicrohttpd in containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13libgcrypt20-devMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13fix WORKDIRMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13building gnunet in containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13still missing &&Marcello Stanisci
2016-11-13missing &&Marcello Stanisci
2016-11-13re-adding lost DockerfileMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13reverting splitMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13splitting base containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13typoMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13quiet apt-get installMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13removing non-existent libcurl-dev from debian packages to be installed in ↵Marcello Stanisci
docker base
2016-11-13building gnurl in docker baseMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13(initial) base for docker deploymentMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13moving selenium topdirMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13buildbot: lcov slave on force-buildMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13slave=>worker in buildbot launchersMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13Suppressing unneeded outputMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13Message after restarting containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13Wait after restarting containerMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13fix how to pick selenium-server's IPMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13-name=>--name for docker runMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13selenium: calling new named scriptMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-13Merge branch 'master' of Stanisci
2016-11-13pack extension via xvfb'd chromium before running selenium testMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-10removing .sh from deployed shell scriptsMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-10removing .sh from deployed shell scriptsMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-10restarting chrome Docker container before running Selenium against itMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-10small fixes to selenium launcherMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-10Merge branch 'master' of Stanisci
2016-11-10small fixes to selenium launcherMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-08buildbot: fix URL, adding trailing slashMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-08buildbot: fix URL schema IIMarcello Stanisci
2016-11-08buildbot: fix URL schemaMarcello Stanisci