AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 hoursconfig wire fees with sepaHEADmasterms
7 hoursconfigms
7 hoursconfigms
7 hourstweak config _before_ use (euFin deployment)ms
44 hoursAvoid mixed wire methods: default and blog have 'sepa'.ms
3 daysfix namems
3 daysloggingms
3 daysconfig exchange with payto://sepa/ms
5 daysRestart ARM script, with euFinms
5 daysrenamems
5 daysprovide start script with euFinms
5 daysloggingms
5 daysAvoid stopping ARM twice: hangsms
5 dayscheck if merchant runsms
5 daysremove verbosityms
5 daysRemove unnecessary checkms
5 daysRemove unnecessary ARM
5 daysloggingms
5 daysOptionally reset euFind
5 daysno tips and pybank in euFin preparationms
5 daysloggingms
5 dayssetting only SEPA instancesms
5 dayssetting Nexus background tasksms
5 daysInstances configuration with
5 daysdeploy with payto://sepams
5 daysremove final slashms
5 daysprovide more env for euFinms
5 dayslogms
5 daysrenamems
5 daysgive IBANs to euFin actorsms
5 daysloggingms
5 daysdebugms
5 daysdebugms
5 daysapi token != passwordms
6 daysGenerate Sandbox admin password, store in file, and load in
6 daysuse fresh portsms
6 daysuse fresh portsms
6 daysenv work for euFinms
6 days'int' environment takes euFinms
6 dayseuFin deployment: first stepsms
2021-08-30anastasis authz currencyFlorian Dold
2021-08-30start anastasisFlorian Dold
2021-08-30anastasis business nameFlorian Dold
2021-08-30missing truth upload feeFlorian Dold
2021-08-29anastasis auth configFlorian Dold
2021-08-29anastasis insuranceFlorian Dold
2021-08-29typoFlorian Dold
2021-08-29write to correct config fileFlorian Dold
2021-08-29anastasisFlorian Dold