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@title Notes for admins and developers
@subtitle Version @value{VERSION}
@subtitle @value{UPDATED}
-@author Marcello Stanisci (@email{})
+@author Marcello Stanisci (@email{})
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@@ -104,6 +104,15 @@ $ source ~/buildbot/venv/bin/activate
$ buildbot reconfig ~/buildbot/master/
@end example
+@subsection Debug worker
+This worker is used to test the Buildbot and it is run by the
+user @code{debug-builder}. Its scheduler monitors @code{help.git},
+which is the repository where debug pushes have to be done.
+Note that this worker might not be activated all the time, as it
+is not needed by any production codebase.
@subsection Documentation worker
This worker is responsible for building all the documentation on