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instructions on buildbot+(git)hooks
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@subsection Website
-The directory @code{/var/www/} contains the following two symlinks
+The directory @code{/var/www/} contains the following
+two symlinks
@item exchange --> @code{/home/lcovslave/exchange/doc/coverage}
@@ -259,6 +260,53 @@ The directory @code{/var/www/} contains the following two symlinks
The pointed locations are updated by the @emph{lcovslave}.
+@subsection Hooks
+@quotation Note
+Hooks at are still work in progress, so this section should
+be considered a recipe, rather than a fact.
+@end quotation
+@end cartouche
+Whenever a push occurs into one of Taler repositories, Buildbot gets
+notified via the Git @emph{hooks} system.
+We use a patched version of the following Git hook [1].
+The patch allows the script to extract the @emph{project} keyword
+from the repository. Depending on this keyword, the Buildbot's
+scheduler will then perform or not the compilation.
+Following a @emph{gitolite}-policy, all the hook must be committed under
+so that gitolite will copy it in the right place -- the sysadmin does @strong{not}
+have to manually move it.
+Once the hook is versioned under gitolite, every repository meant to benefit
+from it must get the @code{option hook.pre-receive = pre-receive.buildbot}
+statement from the gitolite config file.
+On the Buildbot side, we need to allow the hook to connect to the build master.
+This is done by defining a @code{PBChangeSource} class in the following way:
+cs = changes.PBChangeSource(user='tony', passwd='hey')
+@end example
+NOTE: those credentials must match the ones within the hook; search for the
+@code{UsernamePassoword} class in the hook.
+The following line will finally "activate" the hook within the build master:
+@end example
+From now on, every buildbot scheduler will receive notifications from @code{cs}
+and verify if there is a match with the @code{ChangeFilter} driving the scheduler.
+If there is a match, the scheduler will fire its builders up, otherwise no action
+is taken.
+[1]: @url{
@node Standalone deployment
@chapter Standalone deployment