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Update docs with latest information about demo service checks and auditor-reports generating worker.
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@@ -198,6 +198,12 @@ This worker is responsible for building all the documentation on
whose home directory must have all the repositories with documentation
to be built. Namely,
+@subsection Demo-checks worker.
+This worker has the simple task of checking whether all the Web
+services offered under "*" are up and running. It
+is run by the @code{demo} user itself.
@item @emph{exchange}
@item @emph{merchant}
@@ -267,7 +273,17 @@ has some additional "sudo" rights, since it has to act as @emph{test-blue},
Note that the "sudo file" is tracked in this (@emph{deployment}) repository,
under the @emph{sudoers} directory.
-@subsubsection Tip reserve topper
+@subsection Auditor worker.
+This worker runs the periodic task of generating the auditing reports.
+It is run by the @code{auditor-slave} user.
+@subsection Wallet builder.
+@subsection Selenium builder
+@subsection Tip reserve topper
This worker is also responsible to run the script which tops
the tip reserve up; however, this task is triggered by a "periodic scheduler"
once every 10 days. A "force build" button is also offered to run