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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-14build,win: emit MSBuild summaryRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build,win: always build with PCHRefael Ackermann
2018-12-31win, build: fix building addons on WindowsBartosz Sosnowski
2018-12-21tools: report unused disable-directives for ESLintRich Trott
2018-12-05build,win: pack the install-tools scripts for distRefael Ackermann
2018-12-04test: partition N-API testsGabriel Schulhof
2018-11-29win, build: skip building cctest by defaultBartosz Sosnowski
2018-11-10test: move benchmark tests out of main test suiteRich Trott
2018-10-04doc: remove GA trackingBen Noordhuis
2018-10-02build: exclude npm test directories on WindowsRichard Lau
2018-09-21build: make config verbose on CIRefael Ackermann
2018-09-19src: deprecate global COUNTER_* and remove perfctrJames M Snell
2018-09-17build: skip cctest on Windows shared lib buildYihong Wang
2018-09-11tools: use lint-md.jsRefael Ackermann
2018-09-08build: make doc generation work on WindowsTobias Nießen
2018-09-04build,win: remove unmatched `endlocal` statementRefael Ackermann
2018-09-02win, build: remove superfluous error messageBartosz Sosnowski
2018-08-31win,build: build N-API addons in parallelBartosz Sosnowski
2018-08-22build: use `npm ci`Refael Ackermann
2018-08-01test: remove test/gc, integrate into parallelAnna Henningsen
2018-07-27build,win,v8: allow precompiling objects-inl.hJoão Reis
2018-07-25tools: produce JSON documentation using unified/remark/rehypeSam Ruby
2018-07-20tools: create HTML docs with unified/remark/rehypeSam Ruby
2018-07-19build: move to `npm ci` where possibleRich Trott
2018-06-27build, win: make LTCG optionalBartosz Sosnowski
2018-06-26win, build: generate .sln only when necessaryBartosz Sosnowski
2018-06-24win, build: fix building on 32-bit machinesBartosz Sosnowski
2018-06-24build: build addons in parallel on WindowsBartosz Sosnowski
2018-06-07win, build: add documentation support to vcbuildBartosz Sosnowski
2018-05-31http2: switch to new runtime-controlled debugging systemAnna Henningsen
2018-04-12build, win: opt-in openssl_no_asm if no nasm foundShigeki Ohtsu
2018-04-10build, tools, win: add nasm detection for OpenSSLJoão Reis
2018-04-08build,windows: make vcbuild fail if upload failsRefael Ackermann
2018-04-04build: allow vcbuild to merely build addon testsGabriel Schulhof
2018-03-14build: do not cd on vcbuild helpVse Mozhet Byt
2018-03-06build: lint .eslintrc.js fileRich Trott
2018-02-22build, win: vcbuild improvementsBartosz Sosnowski
2018-02-20lint: move eslint to new plugin systemGus Caplan
2018-02-15build,win: replace run-python subroutine with single find_python callNikolai Vavilov
2018-02-05tools: add .mjs linting for WindowsVse Mozhet Byt
2018-02-04win, build: fix intl-none optionBirunthan Mohanathas
2018-01-16build,win: update lint-cpp on WindowsKyle Farnung
2018-01-11build,win: restore vcbuild TAG functionalityRod Vagg
2018-01-11tools: move eslint from tools to tools/node_modulesMichaël Zasso
2018-01-02build: remove duplicate async-hooks and known_issues test runsRich Trott
2017-12-15win, build: fix without-intl optionBartosz Sosnowski
2017-12-12build: remove support for VS2015Nikolai Vavilov
2017-12-07build, win: faster Release rebuildsBartosz Sosnowski
2017-12-02build,win: vcbuild refactoring call configureRefael Ackermann
2017-11-28build,win,msi: support WiX with VS2017João Reis