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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-07tools: use CC instead of CXX when pointing to gccMilad Farazmand
2019-12-06tools: update remark-preset-lint-node to 1.11.0Rich Trott
2019-12-05tools: update icu to 65.1Albert Wang
2019-12-05build: remove (almost) unused macros/constantsbcoe
2019-12-05doc: add documentation about node_mksnapshot and mkcodecacheJoyee Cheung
2019-12-04tools: update ESLint to 6.7.2Rich Trott
2019-11-30tools: add unified plugin changing links for html docsMarek Łabuz
2019-11-30wasi: introduce initial WASI supportcjihrig
2019-11-27doc,deps: document how to maintain ICU in Node.jsSteven R. Loomis
2019-11-25tools: update ESLint to 6.7.1cjihrig
2019-11-19tools: fix build at non-English windowsRongjian Zhang
2019-11-11test: fix Python unittests in ./test and ./toolscclauss
2019-11-08build,tools: update V8 gypfiles for V8 7.9Michaël Zasso
2019-11-06tools: pull from node-gypcclauss
2019-11-05tools: make doctool work if no internet availableRichard Lau
2019-11-05tools: update certdata.txtAshCripps
2019-11-05tools: check-imports using utf-8cclauss
2019-11-03tools: fix Python 3 deprecation warning in test.pyLoris Zinsou
2019-11-01tools: fix Python 3 syntax error in mac_tool.pycclauss
2019-10-31tools: use print() function in buildbot_run.pycclauss
2019-10-31tools: undefined name opts -> args in gyptest.pyChristian Clauss
2019-10-31tools: git rm -r tools/v8_gypfiles/brokencclauss
2019-10-28tools: update ESLint to 6.6.0cjihrig
2019-10-27tools: doc: improve async workflow of generate.jstpoisseau
2019-10-25build: vcbuild uses default Python, not Py2João Reis
2019-10-20test: fix test runner for Python 3 on WindowsMichaël Zasso
2019-10-15tools: update remark-preset-lint-node to 1.10.1Rich Trott
2019-10-15test: fix flaky doctool and testRich Trott
2019-10-15doc: prepare miscellaneous docs for new markdown lint rulesRich Trott
2019-10-14vm: add Synthetic modulesGus Caplan
2019-10-13build: fix version checks in gyp filesBen Noordhuis
2019-10-13tools: fix test runner in presence of NODE_REPL_EXTERNAL_MODULEGus Caplan
2019-10-13tools: fix GYP MSVS solution generator for Python 3Michaël Zasso
2019-10-13tools: port Python 3 compat patches from node-gyp to gypMichaël Zasso
2019-10-08fs: introduce `opendir()` and `fs.Dir`Jeremiah Senkpiel
2019-10-07tools: update V8 gypfilesMichaël Zasso
2019-10-03doc: fix return type for crypto.createDiffieHellmanGroup()exoego
2019-10-03tools: support full-icu by defaultSteven R. Loomis
2019-10-02tools: update ESLint to v6.5.1Rich Trott
2019-10-01build: remove unused libatomic on ppc64, s390xSam Roberts
2019-09-30deps: enable unit data in small-icuMichaël Zasso
2019-09-24tools: make mailmap processing for author list case-insensitiveAnna Henningsen
2019-09-23tools: cleanup for readabilityChristian Clauss
2019-09-20http: remove legacy parserAnna Henningsen
2019-09-17tools: update remark-preset-lint-node to 1.10.0Rich Trott
2019-09-17doc: update list style in misc README docsRich Trott
2019-09-15tools: update ESLint to 6.4.0zhangyongsheng
2019-09-12tools: fix iculslocs to support ICU 65.1Steven R. Loomis
2019-09-12tools: python3 compat for inspector code generatorBen Noordhuis
2019-09-07tools: apply more stringent blank-line linting for markdown filesRich Trott