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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-06util: add internal sleep() functioncjihrig
2019-12-07util: improve performance inspecting proxiesRuben Bridgewater
2019-09-01src: do not crash when accessing empty WeakRefsAnna Henningsen
2019-07-24domain: use strong reference to domain while activeAnna Henningsen
2019-06-19src: refactor uncaught exception handlingJoyee Cheung
2019-06-09src: handle exceptions from ToDetailString()Anna Henningsen
2019-05-13src: remove util-inl.h from header filesSam Roberts
2019-05-04util: inspect constructor closerRuben Bridgewater
2019-04-30src: prefer v8::Global over node::PersistentAnna Henningsen
2019-04-22src: move SIGINT watchdog utils to the contextify bindingJoyee Cheung
2019-04-20src: move guessHandleType in the util bindingJoyee Cheung
2019-04-12src: replace FromJust() with Check() when possibleSam Roberts
2019-03-11process: refactor global.queueMicrotask()Joyee Cheung
2019-03-01test: verify heap buffer allocations occurAnna Henningsen
2019-02-20util: update set iterator entries inspectionRuben Bridgewater
2019-02-12src: add WeakReference utilityAnna Henningsen
2019-01-21src: reduce includes of node_internals.hJoyee Cheung
2018-12-31process: move eval and exception bootstrap ito process/execution.jsJoyee Cheung
2018-12-29process: make internal/queue_microtask.js more self-containedJoyee Cheung
2018-12-19process: move POSIX credential accessors into node_credentials.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-12-07src: remove unused env variables in node_utilDaniel Bevenius
2018-12-03src: fix type mismatch warnings from missing privSam Roberts
2018-11-29src: remove unused variables in node_util.ccDaniel Bevenius
2018-11-28src: migrate to new V8 array APIYoshiya Hinosawa
2018-11-14os: do not call into JS to push values to an array in GetCPUInfoJoyee Cheung
2018-11-11src: fix v8 compiler warnings in srcDaniel Bevenius
2018-11-02src: use v8:: for consistency in utilZYSzys
2018-09-23lib: implement queueMicrotaskGus Caplan
2018-09-05util: make util binding internalcjihrig
2018-08-23repl: tab auto complete big arraysRuben Bridgewater
2018-08-20util,assert: improve performanceRuben Bridgewater
2018-07-18util: improve display of iterators and weak entriesRuben Bridgewater
2018-07-16lib,src: replace all C++ promises with JS promisesRuben Bridgewater
2018-07-16console,util: avoid pair array generation in C++Anna Henningsen
2018-06-25src: start annotating native code side effectTimothy Gu
2018-05-19lib,src: use V8 API for collection inspectionAnna Henningsen
2018-03-05util: introduce `[…]` type checksAnna Henningsen
2018-02-16lib,src: audit process.env in lib/ for setuid binaryJose M. Palacios Diaz
2017-11-13src: explicitly register built-in modulesYihong Wang
2017-11-02src: remove throws in set/getHiddenValueJames M Snell
2017-11-01src: use internal/errors for startSigintWatchdogJames M Snell
2017-09-18crypto: refactor the crypto moduleJames M Snell
2017-09-14src: refactor `#include` handlingAnna Henningsen
2017-09-08promises: more robust stringificationTimothy Gu
2017-07-24util: implement WHATWG Encoding Standard APIJames M Snell
2017-05-09util: add util.promisify()Anna Henningsen
2017-05-09util: add internal bindings for promise handlingAnna Henningsen
2017-04-25src: expose V8's IsNativeError() in util bindingscjihrig
2017-04-14buffer: optimize from() and byteLength()Brian White
2017-04-08util: use V8 C++ API for inspecting PromisesTimothy Gu